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submitted plans to CoC buildings project manager

The architect and myself submitted the plans to the city project manager this morning.  Everything looked in order.  William also have to give him his structural load calculations.

got through zoning, on to buildings!

My meeting with zoning on Friday, Sept. 4th went without a hitch. No questions from the zoning plan reviewer at all, he just made a bunch of cryptic notes on the building permit application, stamped the plans, and said "next!!". We have an appointment with the Dept. of Buildings in City Hall Sept. 22nd. Unfortunately, the city changed their policy regarding the satellite offices at the beginning of this month. Now, if you have architect plans, you have to go to city hall. The satellite offices will only deal with homeowners for repair/replacement, etc. type of work. DARN!

can now visit zoning to move forward

I spoke with the administrator this morning about the status of the
administrative adjustment. She said now that the inspection has occured
and it's on file, we can move forward in the process. She says we can
just come in with our existing paperwork and have it stamped so we can
move on to Dept. of Buildings. I can possibly visit there Thursday
afternoon or Friday morning. It didn't sound like there was any bad
result from the inspection, so that's good. I think they just wanted
photos for proof that there no tenants down there, as we've stated to

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visit from zoning inspector

Zoning inspector came over, took a few photos, and said "there was definitely an apartment here at one time, but doesn't look like it's being used now".  He understood that we want to duplex down, and said I could call Anna Roblez tomorrow to follow up.  I'm not sure if his comments were good or bad.