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Hardware, Restored

with all the trimmings

Restore the Door!

winter again, it happens every year..

Tile Inlet

Shiny, Happy Floors (and People)

Strip Club, off Highway..

semi-public art installation

pearly gates of primer

masked primer!

Thanks ED! Drywall up and in..

Visit from Stay Puft Marshmellow man

first drywall!

Inspector sign-off complete!

A few good men.. and a really heavy object

lull in the action..

2nd floor windows and move-in


Apolitical Platform

Barn Raisin'

Disneyworld for Hamsters

pipefitting, HVAC, framing, tub placement

Keeping it in da Family

unjust parking ticket (not related to home rehab)

what's behind door number 4 ? 32.0 x 81.5

what's behind door number 3 ? 29.0 x 81.5

what's behind door number 2 ? 32.0 x 84.0