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bricklaying and tuck-pointing with Stan Guzik

Not long after the TPO roof was installed, we saw the ceiling drywall joint in 2nd floor kitchen was still discoloring from water damage.  There was still a leak even after spending $10K on new roof!  I went up to the roof and couldn't find anywhere the water could get in from the roof.  I then looked at the adjacent brick wall and rear chimney, and found many holes where water could get in from the side (blowing rain).   So, i figured having this brick fixed might be the next remedy.

My friend Steve and his family own a few 2-flats near Loyola.  He was also in the middle of multiple rehabs and just happened to be working with a brick mason as part of his re-roof.

OK, enough about Steve's house.  On to our brick problems..  Photos below are BEFORE and AFTER , as noted in captions.