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Clothes washer not agitating your clothes?

I don't like to be agitated, but our clothes do.

If your clothes washer agitator is not spinning and just making clicking noises, it probably needs new 'agitator dogs'.   Yes, funny name, don't know the origin.  Research is an exercise left to the student.
Once you have the part number, you can go to Appliance Part Pros and type in the model number, then all of the replacement parts will come up.  Once you find the manufacturer part number you can type into Amazon or other online retailer to get the best deal.  I found the same part number on Amazon here, for $4 with free shipping. Yipee!  Do not go to local appliance parts stores if you can avoid it. Their markup is insane, and i'm pretty sure they're working on commission.  I want to support local businesses, but not when they're setup like a car dealer mechanic sales rep.

Start by removing the fabric softener tray in the center.  If you've never pulled this off before, pull or pry off without breaking…

Gas oven not working

Does your oven not warm up, and you smell some gas?   You probably need to replace the 'igniter'.
I've had do this twice for 15 year old oven.  Its under the oven, accessible once you remove the bottom cover.  You don't even need to pull the oven out of place to do this.