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many photos from the past couple years

Eric threw me a USB stick with a bunch of photos he had taken over the past few year, so I'm posting many here!

preparing master bath for tile

The master bathroom has been neglected since the drywallers finished over a year ago. Before Eric and I can start tiling, a few items needed to be taken care of.
I had been looking off and on for a low voltage lighting solution for the shower, and finally came across some 2.5" 20w recessed halogen fixtures from
Seagull Lighting that would work. Theoriginal plan was to put in one in the niche, and one directly above the two shower valves, but some of the framing above the shower got in the way.
This is what happens when you don't plan for lighting before the framing! The 120VAC to 12VAC transformer is in an access panel on the other side of the shower wall in the bedroom. We could have put the transformer access in the bathroom, but there was no easy place to put it without having to deal with a tiled wall. I ran some 10gauge Romex cable (orange) from the transformer to a junction box in the shower wall, and then flex conduit from there to all three fixtures with standard 14 ga…