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Today it pays to read this blog

I happen to have an extra sconce fixture.  Long story short, it SHOULD work.  I used an ohmmeter to check out all 3 sockets.  If you want it, just shoot me an email.

Gatco Latitude 2 - polished chrome

Mounting drawer fronts

I finally had a few days to finish up the bathroom vanity during the holiday break.  The slab drawer fronts had been waiting in my closet for a couple years! :(  I was somewhat nervous about putting these on because if you screw them up, you can't just go back to hardware store to buy another set.  After reviewing a few youtube videos on the subject of attaching drawer fronts, I decided to use the 'double sided tape' method.  You use double sided 3M tape to mount the drawer front to the drawer, double check that its in place (proper distance from other fronts and doors, level, etc.), and then use 1 1/4" screws to secure it to the drawer.  This is the basic idea.  Some details are discussed below.

Before mounting the fronts, I predrilled the holes for the drawer pulls using a drill press.  The drill press makes perfect holes in the right location and straight in.

I used 3mm Tavy tile spacers to mount the drawer fronts.  I had to hold the tile spacers in place while pl…