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roofing (contract) settled

After some back and forth with the roofer, I was able to get a credit for the roof board.  I also gave him some extra $$ for the new clay coping tiles for the parapet wall.  Everything was worked out in the end.  Lesson learned is to go through the contract line by line before the work starts so there's no confusion.

Almost white as snow

The TPO membrane roof was completed this past week.  Overall, its a 100% improvement over the old roof, and I hope it will last until our daughter gets through college (with some maintenance).

I paid close attention to the install method out of curiosity, since it seems like there are at least 3 choices out there.
1.  'fully-adhered' - the TPO membrane is glued to the substrate
2. 'mechanically-fastened' - the membrane is fastened to the roof with circular metal plates with screws through them (like huge washer)
3. 'RhinoBond system' - relatively new idea where an electro-magentic induction 'welder' heats up the metal fastener plate *through* the membrane, and the membrane sticks to the plate with the aid of a weighted magnet to help the weld set (magnet top - TPO middle - hot fastener bottom).  The advantage of this is you can put the fasteners anywhere under the TPO, use less fasteners, and you don't need to create a hole in the membrane.

I thoug…