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those in glass showers shouldn't throw soap stones

Chicago Glass & Mirror installed shower glass, mirror, and 'light passage' glass today.

not home rehab, food related..

My cousin's girlfriend also blogs, but on vegan/vegetarian food

sink valve install on Black Friday

OK, I couldn't find any decent 'how to' for installing shutoff valve to copper pipe online, so I'm making my own here for others.  Most online how-to's do not have much detail or photos, or have more advertising than content!

Here are the tools needed:
- hand held torch. I used the 'Benz-o-matic' trigger start torch with MAPP gas for the 3000+ degree flame temp
- lead-free solder
- lead-free solder flux
- LED flashlight
- 1/2" 'sweat connection' to 3/8" compression valves (Brasscraft)
- Rigid pipe cutter
- Brasscraft mini pipe cutter (not shown in photo)
- Brasscraft pipe reamer
- 150 grit sandpaper
- two 5 gallon buckets (or smaller if you're feeling lucky)

Before cutting any pipe, you have to shutoff the water supply. Do NOT forget to turnoff the shutoff to the hot water heater.  When I cut pipe last time for the toilet, i had a small flood when my hot water heater started draining out, full force.  Luckily I was able to shut it off …