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semi-public art installation

I know you've seen something like this outside the MCA before.. I call it 'Chaos and Progress'.

Doesn't it look put together with photoshop?
it's all real, i'm not kidding. Even the stair steps.

pearly gates of primer

The stark white walls with sunlight make it heavenly! Reminds me of the George Burns film, 'Dear God' from late 70's. I don't think they had movies for kids back then (that i recall), I remember movies like 'High Anxiety', 'Dear God', 'Star Wars' (of course), 'Jaws', 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', and 'Superman' at the Menlo Park Mall theatre in NJ. I digress...

Eric and Stewart tried the spray gun on my recommendation for the first day, it worked but was really a pain in the butt, from what I hear. They switched to ol' roller and brush for the remainder of the job.

I have to pick up some entrance and fireplace tile today so we can get the floors going.

masked primer!

Stewart is back on the job with Eric. One of his first tasks was to acid (mild solution) wash the exposed brick walls in the utility room. After that the entire place is getting a coat of paint primer while its easy to do so. They'll also paint the ceilings before anything else is installed (flooring, trim, etc.)

Thanks ED! Drywall up and in..

HUGE Thanks to my buddy Ed for helping take care of some last minute framing/blocking and proper vinyl window installation before the drywallers showed up the next day. Ed noticed the 2 vinyl windows were just held into their opens with a couple small pieces of wood the night before the drywallers were going to show up. Being the can do guy he is, he properly installed them with screws, 2 beads of caulk, and spray insulation. WHEW! He stayed up late two nights in a row to take care of all the miscellaneous tasks with me. It was a hoot.

Isaac and his crew stormed the house with more than 186 sheets of 5/8" drywall this past week. It's the biggest transformation since the demolition. For those keeping score, he charged me $16/sheet for hanging and taping, labor only. We ordered 200 sheets from Menards last week, and they dropped it on the curb using a forklift. Isaac's crew took the drywall in one piece at a time, and then a 2-man crew hung the drywall in 2.5 days. …