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a better photo of the opening

Steel structural work complete

City of Big Shoulders

Black Pipe Crosses your Path (bad luck!)

Nine Inch Nails

Peoples Gas workin' hard

New post footings and temporary supports

Gas Pipe Woes

Goodbye Stairs!

Demolition continues, and continues, and continues

They come from a far for Southern Pine!

Difficult Center windows

Truly Reclaimed Wood Flooring!

Demolition Underway

Mission Accomplished! Permit acquired!

Permit issued!

almost there ! (with permit)

all depts. signoff

dept. of building rejected first set of plans

submitted plans to CoC buildings project manager

got through zoning, on to buildings!

can now visit zoning to move forward

visit from zoning inspector

appointment with zoning inspector

lost in the void?

awaiting zoning inspection

green cards accepted at zoning dept.

last letter received

"Administrative Adjustment"

some background on the rehab

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