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Apolitical Platform

The 'platform' for the sanijet tub is ready for plumbing. Rather than building 2x4 supports on the outer and inner wall, Rick went with a single 2x6 since the surrounding platform is only 5" wide finished. Here's plan for finishing this off. I'm writing it down since its a bit confusing.
1. build platform with durock top (not sides yet) 2. drop in tub with 1" foam representing mortar set, and with tile sample on top 3a. set overflow/drain in tub 3b. set PVC drain (P-trap) in hole below, access through shower side wall (squeeze in between studs) 4. mark holes for platform mount tub faucet 5. remove tub, overflow/drain attached 6. drill holes through durock/2x6 plate 7. install valve and copper plumbing 8. wait for plumbing inspection!
9. install durock on walls 10. wrap everything with Schluter Kerdi for waterproofing 11. install marble tiles with Schluter Rondec only on TOP of tub platform 12. wait for tile to set 13. pour 1"+ inches of mortar on floor for t…

Barn Raisin'

Since only 2% of Americans are actually part of agriculture (growing the food 100% of us eat), at least 99% of us do not get to participate in a "barn raising". I think the closest we city-dwellers come to a barn raising is large window and door installation with more than 2 people.
My friend Ed happened to have a entire set of scaffolding in his garage. Rick (carpenter) and Eric (architect/carpenter) were on hand all day to setup the scaffolding TWICE. We had to move it to put in the left 2 windows above the porch. Petty Officer Ed showed up a bit later to help put the rest of the windows in. His military experience was apparent. :)
Having factory-installed brick moulding on the windows made the install much easier, since all that was needed for the exterior was backer rod and caulk in the 1/4" gap.
Thanks to Ed, Rick, and Eric for putting in a really long day and making this happen. I've was concerned about this big job even before I applied for a permit, and…