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Mission Accomplished! Permit acquired!

OK, not the complete mission, such as completely finishing the renovation. It's more like the George Bush speech on the aircraft carrier with the 'mission accomplished' banner behind him. None the less, it's an accomplishment worth celebrating over a beer today after work. BIG THANKS to William @ makeArchitecture for drawing up the plans, getting us through the Zoning administrative adjustment, and pushing the plans through Dept. of Buildings signoff. We hope to consult with William through the remainder of the construction when needed. I'm sure he'll stop by to see how things are going.

Permit issued!

I just have to go down to city hall to pay permit fee, then I can pick it up and post in window!
I'll order the dumpster shortly. Evie and I have to move out this weekend, and demolition will start early next week in the basement.

Oddly enough, Chicago water department is fixing the sewer right in front of my house where I'd want to put the dumpster, so I hope they finish that by the end of this week.

almost there ! (with permit)

I was informed friday the plumber's license expired, so I can't get the permit until the plumber re-news his plumbing contractors license.

all depts. signoff

All departments signed off on permit application this morning, but project manager said he needs time for final review. Maybe one week. I'm going to start some light demo with stewart
testing mobile blogging!

dept. of building rejected first set of plans

The CoC dept. of buildings rejected the first set of plans. Maybe they were upset about Rio getting the olympics instead of Chicago?