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no catch handrail

I found this online article on how to install a handrail with 45 degree (rather than common 90 degree) returns.  It said to cut some scrap at 45 deg, and then create another piece that is the same length as the hand rail to wall distance.  In this case, the hand rail bracket is 2 1/2" from the wall, the hand rail itself is 1 1/2" thick, so the calculated distance is ( 2 1/2" -  ( 1 1/2" / 2 ) ) = 1 3/4" .
Setting the 45 degree piece against the miter saw fence as if it was against the wall, you can mark where the rail would need to be cut to have correct length at angle.

Now the marked scrap piece can be used to measure off the hand rail cut.   Make sure you're going the right way, depending if its the top or bottom of the stairs!

The miter saw should have a pre-set notch for 22.5 deg.  Once the miter has been set for this angle, cut the hand rail at the mark.  Then switch the miter to the 22.5 deg in the other direction to cut the hand rail again.

Once the 4…

Stairway to bookcase

We've had an unfinished bookcase in our master bedroom since... I'm not even going to say how long I've put off this project!  It needed a picture frame casing and trim paint to match the rest of the bedroom.

After a trip to OWL Lumber for some casing, I went to +Pumping Station One to cut and assemble the frame.  I used square head trim screws to help hold it together on the ends with glue.  Its a real pain to clamp the ends since you have to deal with 4 corners all at once and the glue coming out the bottom.  Other recommendations welcome.

Once I brought the frame home, leveled the bookcase in the opening, and I nailed the frame in to the bookcase side panels.

Two coats of Sherwin Williams ProClassic and 3 day dry time later..