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Fenced In

We have a new pressured treated pine fence on the property line with the new house next door.  That part was great, all at the builders cost, but they didn't build a new fence gate for us.  After looking online at typical fence gate construction, I decided to go with the 'picture frame w/ diagonal support' design.  Instead of pine, I chose cedar for the wood.  I think its about twice the cost, but the color is so much nicer than pressure treated pine.   I recently became a paid member of the Pumping Station: One 'makerspace' (or 'hackerspace'), so I have 24/7 access to the facility that includes a nice woodshop.  I was able to build the frame there, and then screw in the fence pickets at home in the garage.  Once the wood has completely dried out (still somewhat wet when buying at Home Depot), I'll give it a 2 coats of stain, and some strategically placed caulk to give it a chance of lasting more than a couple years.