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Visit from Stay Puft Marshmellow man

ECOTEC came out on Wednesday morning to put in the spray foam insulation. Amazing stuff! It's like 'great stuff' through a fire hose, but much better. Its more expensive that normal fiberglass insulation, but FAR superior, and installed very quickly. Its really amazing how it covers every nook and cranny. They even did the ceiling which will eliminate the noise from 2nd floor.

Reminds me of when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man exploded in Ghostbusters.

The photo shown here is BEFORE they came back to shave it flush with the wall studs.

The place is amazingly quiet after the insulation was put in. Its like an anechoic chamber.

Here's a promotional video:

first drywall!

Eric and I sweated through Sunday putting a few select pieces of drywall. The drywall crew will put in most of the drywall, but we need to have a few up before the foam insulation guys show up. In areas where we want to have foam insualtion between rooms (living room/foyer wall show below) for both temperature and sound, we have to have drywall up on one side of the wall so the foam has something to stick to.

You can see some of my low voltage wiring work here. The white cable in the center is 14 gauge speaker wire for rear-channel 'in wall' speaker. The front room will be completely setup for 5.1 sound! So much for afternoon tea in the living room. :) I ran a beefy RCA cable to the same area for a powered subwoofer.

Inspector sign-off complete!

We got the ventilation signoff today! The photo shows all the work Eric did on the bathroom and dryer venting.

Eric has been working on some of the more difficult firecode drywall work in the utility area. We don't expect the drywall crew to deal with that.

With all the rough-in signoffs complete, we can move on to insulation and drywall. This place will finally take shape. We've grown tired of looking at open walls.