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winter again, it happens every year..

Once Oct 1 came around, I knew it was time to take care of any last minute jobs that required outdoor work. Derek has been helping Eric stain/varnish all 12 wood windows (3 + 5 + 4). Here's a shot of the 2nd floor work.

Hopefully we'll have the trim in the house next week, get some of it finished before install.

There's Sabine, one of our cats. doing nothing as usual.

Tile Inlet

After much shopping, debate, estimates, etc. Eric and I found a 5/8" mosaic marble at Designer Stone Outlet on California that caught our eye. Its being used for both the entrance and fireplace surround. Since the tile is substantially thick, Eric got a suggestion from another tiler to bring the tile right to the edge, giving it a continuous look.

We look at cultured stone (imitation stacked slate, etc.), which was nice, but didn't seem to fit in right. I think if the fireplace itself were larger and woodburning, that might have been a better choice, but this is more of a inset TV nook than a fireplace. :)

We picked up another laborer to help Eric with the finishing items, particularly the stain/varnish of the windows.

Most of the trim will be coming from Wood World and some from Owl Lumber.

This is the front entrance and inside 1st floor. The border is onyx.

This is the completely stripped pine door we'll be using for 1st floor bedroom closet.

Now that the basement has bee…