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built-in cabinetry pickup

The largest unfinished portion of the rehab is the cabinetry.    I have too many custom sized items for me to have gone to big box store, or even semi-custom order.  After getting quotes from full-service cabinet supply showrooms in Chicago ($2000 for 2 cabinets?), I decided to go a completely different route.

Since there are many 'refacing' options available online, I figured I could build the cabinet box and then buy the doors/drawers/hardware separately.  It took me some time to realize to build a perfectly square cabinet box is no easy task, especially with the precision required to create frame-less (European style) cabinets.  Just having a decent table saw is not good enough.

I contracted Heartland Cabinet Supply to build the boxes to my specs, using the Blum Process 32 (32mm cabinetmaking) system for drawings.  Gary, the owner, was nice enough to work with me on my 'odd' project, and he seemed happy to help.

The cabinets were all made using 3/4" plywood on…