Mission Accomplished! Permit acquired!

OK, not the complete mission, such as completely finishing the renovation. It's more like the George Bush speech on the aircraft carrier with the 'mission accomplished' banner behind him. None the less, it's an accomplishment worth celebrating over a beer today after work.
BIG THANKS to William @ makeArchitecture for drawing up the plans, getting us through the Zoning administrative adjustment, and pushing the plans through Dept. of Buildings signoff. We hope to consult with William through the remainder of the construction when needed. I'm sure he'll stop by to see how things are going.


  1. Anytime, Jerry, I have enjoyed working with you. Let's get the plumbing and the basement stairs straightened out.

  2. Jerry,

    Love your blog. It has actually made me go out and follow in your shadows. I'm under contract on a logan two flat and looking to close in the next two weeks. I was wondering you might be able to offer any advice on your permit process?

  3. Buying a building is easier than getting a permit. My permit was stalled with the 'administrative adjustment' process I had to go through with zoning. Read the other posts. You DEFINITELY need a licensed architect who has dealt with the city. If you're in a big hurry and have money to spend, you might consider a permit expiditer. These people are essentially an extension of the dept. of buildings office, and know all the ins and outs of getting a permit. There are a number of strange rules. I'm thankful I was working with William @ makeArchitecture.


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