Visit from Stay Puft Marshmellow man

ECOTEC came out on Wednesday morning to put in the spray foam insulation. Amazing stuff! It's like 'great stuff' through a fire hose, but much better. Its more expensive that normal fiberglass insulation, but FAR superior, and installed very quickly. Its really amazing how it covers every nook and cranny. They even did the ceiling which will eliminate the noise from 2nd floor.

Reminds me of when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man exploded in Ghostbusters.

The photo shown here is BEFORE they came back to shave it flush with the wall studs.

The place is amazingly quiet after the insulation was put in. Its like an anechoic chamber.

Here's a promotional video:


  1. The video is really a good one.The message given is very useful and hope this rehabilitation works.

  2. Looks like you filled the full stud space -- so 3" of closed cell on exterior that correct? I am doing a gut rehab now in Bucktown and have been told 2" is sufficient. It doesn't get you to R19, but, I know that 2" of closed cell creates vapor and air barrier, so may be sufficient.

  3. well, the way the Icynene works, it expands so much there's no discussion about 2 or 3 inches, it fills to the entire stud depth.


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