Krazy Konnections

After a failed attempt to get the permit plumber to redo the tub valve install, I did it myself today.
Not pretty, my first attempt at joining copper pipe, but no leaks! I used a dry towel under the pipes to check for any dripping after 2 hours.  Thanks to Ed (again) for letting me borrow his MAPP torch.  *HOT*

I had to remove the valve parts completely, do a lot of cutting, and rejoining.  Since the bottom of the center was now too close to the sides, I had to use two 'street elbows' to take a detour into the Tee.

The blue cloth at the bottom didn't have a drop of water after a couple hours.  Both valves were completely open. 

Now the valve trim sits right on top of the tile, no gap (the original problem).


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