Gas Pipe Woes

OK, we're what, two days into the construction, and already a major problem is encountered. This is something I would have never guessed before I started all this. The existing gas supply comes in the front of the house, and goes all the way to the back where the two gas meters are. There's no shutoff available to me before the gas meters.
The new steel W-8 beam that will be going in place of the old wood beam will not fit nicely with the existing gas pipe. Also, having a gas pipe on the south side of the center wall will force us to put in a small soffit on that side. So, the best idea is call the gas company, have them shut off the gas from the outside, and move the pipe to a better location.
The gas company came out this morning, and said "your incoming pipe is also connected to the neighboring building. We can't just turn it off!"
Crap. So, i'm trying to work this out with the gas company. stay tuned.


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