Peoples Gas workin' hard

Peoples Gas has been out 3 times already to shut off the gas outside the house. The first time they came, they said they didn't know where the shutoff was (buried) and my pipe is connected to my neighbors, so they couldn't shut it off anyway. Then they came back a 2nd time, with my neighbor present, and even with some effort looking for the shutoff, they couldn't find it. Once the weather turned a bit warmer again (it was almost 0 degrees earlier in the week), a crew came out with a back-hoe and did their big dig. It ended up the shut off was under the neighbors parkway sidewalk! The crew said the city of Chicago likely removed the access pipe when they poured a new sidewalk. So they pulled out a jackhammer and put in a new access pipe. I hope they'll come back on Monday to finally shut off the gas, and cap the pipe inside so we can get the steel posts and beam in. The footings have been curing for over a week now.


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