Drying Out

It's been a few weeks since my last post. Eric has been leading up the project while I was out of town. The goal has been to get the plumber in here to start the drain work, but we had lots of basement jobs to do first:
- more excavating of dirt to make room for new floor (2" gravel, insulation, 4" concrete) without raising the finished floor height

- filling in cracks limestone foundation with mortar

- painting below grade foundation with DRY LOK (we'll also cover with 6 mil plastic later)

Hopefully we'll be ready for the gravel delivery soon. I'm not sure why, but the plumber wants the gravel in before he puts in the drains. Maybe he doesn't like working in the mud?
The photo is of my friend Chris sloppin' on the waterproofing. He gave me a day's labor in exchange for a couch we were no longer using.


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