Not Planting Tulips

The plumber has started the drain work in the basement. Not too many surprises, thankfully. There's only 1 water main coming into the building, and the main drain out to the street are both in good shape. Although, this kludged together drain stack (see photo) was not done properly, maybe the reason for the rust out.

All the new drainage pipe is cast iron, not PVC. You can only use PVC for drain pipes above ground.

I have to contact the water department again about installing a water meter. My flat rate water bill for 6 months was around $450. They said they would come on Feb. 1st, but I'm going to call them again tomorrow. I might want them to come earlier if they need to install on the interior of the building. The plumber said they usually put it on the interior, but I could have sworn the Water Dept. guy said they would dig up the parkway and place it there. hmm..


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