Barn Raisin'

Since only 2% of Americans are actually part of agriculture (growing the food 100% of us eat), at least 99% of us do not get to participate in a "barn raising". I think the closest we city-dwellers come to a barn raising is large window and door installation with more than 2 people.

My friend Ed happened to have a entire set of scaffolding in his garage. Rick (carpenter) and Eric (architect/carpenter) were on hand all day to setup the scaffolding TWICE. We had to move it to put in the left 2 windows above the porch. Petty Officer Ed showed up a bit later to help put the rest of the windows in. His military experience was apparent. :)

Having factory-installed brick moulding on the windows made the install much easier, since all that was needed for the exterior was backer rod and caulk in the 1/4" gap.

Thanks to Ed, Rick, and Eric for putting in a really long day and making this happen. I've was concerned about this big job even before I applied for a permit, and they made it look easy!

I'll post a nice photo of ALL the windows installed with the eyebrow shaped sheet metal piece in soon. I could say much more about this, but i'll leave it short for now.


  1. I am glad that you went with the Marvin windows. They make a beautiful product and your next door neighbor will be JEALOUS!!!!

    Looks great!!!!



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