2nd floor windows and move-in

Rick did an amazing job putting the existing window 2nd floor window jambs and casing back into place. Before the new windows went in, he was able to take out the old casing and window counterweight pockets without tearing up the drywall. Big points there. He had to create some extension pieces to compensate for the new window sizes. Definitely the work of a pro! I like that he changed the width of the window jamb to get the window casing flush with the drywall. It really looks tight, like fine furniture.

Evie and I moved upstairs last week. New furance is working already, and cats feel really at home again. so do we! First floor rehab continues. I have to finish small plumbing, electrical, and ventilation stuff before getting the drywall on.


  1. Congrats, Jerry, and, you may already know this, you can thousands of different profiles available at Wood World on Elston as they already have the blades on hand from previous projects and a millwork shop or two they bought out. So you save a few bucks over creating new blades. And the profiles are really authentic looking. They can match a lot of stuff that was installed in Chicago 100 years ago.They were the source of the all the custom trim of the Oakley job a few years back.

    When's the barbecue?

  2. yep, i'm a big fan of wood world, in fact you might see some trim I got from them long ago in this photo. We still have a huge pile of debris in the backyard, so no BBQ yet. maybe a bonfire. :)


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