Pitor (Peter) and crew at Electric People completed the rough-in electrical last week. Big job! I haven't gotten the total number of outlets, switch boxes, recessed cans, and light boxes from him yet, but he pretty much did the entire first floor and new service.

Here's the list:

- rough in electrical for 1st floor and basement new construction

- connect into existing 1st floor electrical (kitchen/bath)

- connect existing 2nd floor electrical to new box

- new exterior lighting around front entrance (with photo-cell sensor for switch)

- new 200A service going into two 100A panels

His guys did a really amazing job bending the conduit every which way possible to work around the steel I-beam and keep the conduit out of the way. I had to work closely with Pitor to make sure everything was done properly according to modified electrical plans. It wasn't his fault this job was pretty complicated and I'm really picky. In the end the city electrical inspector signed off and complimented the work!

They'll come back for the finished install after the drywall is up.

I'm doing all the low-voltage electrical work for the 5.1 sound in the living room, cable, and ethernet. I'm going to put in some recessed speakers in the master bath and kitchen, and run speaker cable from there to living room where stereo will be.


  1. Looks nice. He did a good job with all the conduit, nice and clean. Do you have any panel setup for common electrical? Or are you running the common power of the owners unit?

  2. Nope, only two panels for this 2-flat. The common areas are tied in with the 'owners unit'. It wasn't called out on the plans to add a 3rd box, nor was it important to the electrical inspector.


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