Keeping it in da Family

Lots of the rough framing has been completed, including the new stairs. Evie's cousin, Dino, is a full-time HVAC repairman, and he's installing the entire forced-air system. Dino, his friend Eric, and I spent all Saturday installing the ductwork. We ran into a couple of interesting problems. The old (but really solid) floor joists are 9 1/2 inches deep, so we couldn't run 6" round into a standard vent boot that would allow orienting the vent parallel with the windows. We're using the "torpedo" on all the vents. The vent will be perpendicular to the wood flooring, rather than parallel with the windows. I think it will look fine since the flooring installer will put in the wood registers flush with the floor. You'll barely see them. Once the entire system is installed, I'll have some photos of all the bells and whistles.

Eric (standing on stairs) is a design/build architect helping out with the design details, and giving me second (and third) opinons on everything. He was a rough carpenter in a past life, so he really knows his materials and methods. He's really not as scary as this picture looks.

Next up is gas pipe, vent pipe for the HVAC system, and bathroom fan vents.


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