Water Meter is better than Parking Meter

This is a brand new water meter! OK, not too exciting for most people, but if you live in Chicago and have been paying your water bill 'flat rate', you know a meter is the way to go. I was paying over $850 a year for water on their flat rate plan, and I expect that bill to go down significantly with a meter. This meter has a RF transmitter on the outside of the building, electrically connected to the meter through the wall.

The plumber pulled up the existing 1 inch I.D. (inner diameter) water line and ran the copper coil to the back. At the front of the house, he left a 2 ft. horizontial span of copper. The City Water dept. came in and installed the meter for free. I'm looking forward to my first water bill! How often do you say that?

The bad thing is the location of this meter is right at the front of the master bedroom. We'll box it in and make a bench or TV stand out of it. The city insisted the water meter be installed at the front interior of the building.


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