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I found a local union pipefitter to install the new gas lines running from the front of the building throughout the house. He's doing a great job so far, Peoples Gas will be in on Wednesday morning to hookup his work to the main line coming in, and install the meters.

Dino connected the plenum to the furnace and main trunk this morning, then we worked on the remaining ductwork the rest of the day. I would plunge cut the 4x10 opening for the heat registers, and Dino would bring up the boot from underneath the floor. We're going to run two 3" PVC lines from the furnace almost straight through to the roof for the furnance intake and vent. I'm not sure how we're going to make the holes through the roof. I think I'll need a coring drill. I need one anyway to make the holes for the bathroom/toilet room venting.
Since the SANIJET tub arrived on Wednesday, Eric and I were able to carry it into the bathroom to figure out the placement, etc. There are a lot of things going on in the shower/bath side of the bathroom. We plan on putting in floor to ceiling tile in the shower, and on the south wall. Also, the tub platform will have the same tile on the apron and backsplash. The plan is to top the tub platform off with 5 pieces of quartz, and drop the tub in on top of that.

Rick continued with framing this past week, and will continue next week. Now that the weather is getting warmer (no 10 degree days!) we can get some Marvin windows in. The photo above is the vent-free fireplace and flat screen TV pocket above. We're opting for a very small fireplace to keep it short so we can get the TV closer to eye level. I'm sure you've seen those new condos where the TV is more than 6' off the ground!


  1. It ended up I only needed a 3.5" hole saw to make the holes in the roof. The "pitch pan" and liquid rubber I got at Lakefront roofing supply worked out great. The liquid stuff is a bit expensive (much more than tar), but it flattens out really nicely.

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